WWE has been going through a big shake up recently as Vince McMahon returned last month to pursue a sale of the company. Vince’s return sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling world with many people questioning how involved Vince would get with other aspects of the company.

Seth Rollins was recently asked about Vince McMahon’s return during an interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated and he indicated that he’s more focused on his in-ring work than what’s going on in the upper echelon of WWE management.

“Have you ever seen the show ‘Succession’? If you need an explanation, there you go. You have three seasons of it, I think on HBO, so that’s again, all above my head. I’m a pro wrestler, I show up, I put in the work in the ring, try to do my best to entertain the people who buy the tickets and watch us on TV, and that’s all I can focus on. If I start worrying about the other stuff, I’m gonna lose my cool so, I gotta keep my cool, my friend.”

Recently the wrestling world has been talking a lot about a WWE sale and Nick Khan recently stated that Vince McMahon would be more than willing to step aside if a potential buyer didn’t feel comfortable with him being part of the company. Khan also noted that he expects WWE to be sold within 3 months. Stay tuned for updates.

H/T POST Wrestling