Seth Rollins was able to find success as an independent wrestler, and he followed up by riding his momentum to the top of the ladder in WWE. Rollins has been one of the top stars in the company for years now, but at least one fan seems to think that Seth forgot what he came from.

A fan on Twitter recently posted a clip of Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega vs. Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) from ROH, and another fan responded to the clip by sharing the following opinion:

“Might be an unpopular opinion but I feel like Seth looks down upon indy wrestling these days although that’s where he’s come from and what gave him his first shot”

The tweet caught the attention of Seth Rollins himself who responded by pointing out that trains independent wrestlers at his own school.

“I train up and coming independent wrestlers at my school…that I’ve owned and operated for nearly a decade. Not only do I NOT look down on the indies, but I actively support them with my time and effort. I’ll stand for a lot of malarkey on this app, but don’t cross that line.”

Seth Rollins recently switched brands in the WWE Draft when he was moved to Raw, and he is currently the number one contender for Big E’s WWE Championship. Stay tuned for updates.