sasha banks

Sasha Banks and Bayley haven’t been on good terms lately, and it appears that their relationship is only getting worse, because Sasha is going out of her way to avoid Bayley. Sasha and Bayley were both in attendance for NXT TakeOver: New Orleans on Saturday night, and Sasha went all out to sell their feud by asking two fans to move seats so Bayley wouldn’t sit next to her.

A lot of big things happened in the ring during WrestleMania 34, but there were also some interesting things going on in the crowd.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a number of women wrestlers were sitting together, and Kay Lee Ray confronted one drunk fan after he started yelling disrespectful things about Ronda Rousey and women in general.

The report notes that after Kay Lee Ray told the drunk fan that she wasn’t going to stand for him disrespecting women, the fan sat down and didn’t say another word..

Apparently the argument continued later in the show when the drunk fan started swearing during an argument with a friend, and Kay Lee Ray told him there were children in the area. The fan then went quiet and left the area.