alberto del rio

WrestleMania Week is always a big week for the world of professional wrestling, and last Friday the stars of Impact and Lucha Underground came together for the Impact Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground event.

Originally Alberto El Patron was being advertised to wrestle in a tag team match for the main event, but after he reportedly no showed, it was changed to a triple threat which saw Austin Aries, Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix face off.

The following day Impact Wrestling confirmed that Alberto had been released from his contract.

Alberto explained why he failed to appear at the event during a recent interview with Sporting News, and according to the former World Champion, he had a family situation he needed to deal with.

“I had a family situation that I needed to attend (to). As you know, my family, my kids are my priority. The situation was involving them and that’s why I decided to take care of business and take care of my family situation. And that’s all that happened. And that comes to what I was just saying to you. I know people wanted to know absolutely everything. This only concerns my family: my parents, my sister, myself and my kids. And that’s the way it’s going to stay.”

Alberto was also asked how he’s feeling following his Impact Wrestling departure, and he said that he’s fine, but also confirmed he plans to leave the wrestling business next year.

“I’m fine. Of course, it’s difficult because it’s never good to go that way. Our relationship wasn’t pretty good or completely good. And this was just something that ended up breaking it. I’m fine, I guess. I’m going to do what I was planning on doing, as everybody knows I planning on leaving the pro wrestling business in the next year. I have said it several times over and over. I’m just going to continue to do that and doing my stuff here, in Mexico like exactly how I was doing it and sometime next year and say goodbye to the pro wrestling business.”