sami zayn

The Bloodline storyline has been one of the most talked about storylines in WWE in some time, and for months now Kevin Owens has been trying to take The Bloodline down all by himself. Owens has been taunting The Bloodline for weeks now and he finally clashed with Roman Reigns when he challenged him for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble.

On the road to the Royal Rumble the tension between Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn had been building as Roman has become suspicious of Sami due to his long history with Kevin Owens. During the kickoff show Roman Reigns told The Usos to stay in the back during his title match, but he told Sami Zayn that he’s going to be attached to his hip all night, and that tonight is Sami’s night.

Kevin Owens entered the match alone and Roman Reigns entered with Sami Zayn and Paul Heyman. As soon as the bell rang the fans started chanting for “Sami Uso!”

Near the end of the match Owens went for the Stunner but Roman pushed him into the ref. Roman went for the spear which KO reversed into a powerbomb. Roman Reigns then followed up with a low blow on Owens and told Sami to get a chair. Sami hesitated to throw the chair in and Roman asked him what he was doing. KO hit the Stunner and Roman barely kicked out.

Roman hit the Superman Punch followed by a spear, but KO kicked out as the fans chanted “this is awesome!” Sami told KO to stay down on the outside as Roman speared KO through the barricade. Owens fell out of the ring again and Roman threw him into the stairs as Sami looked shocked. Reigns slammed the back of KO’s head into the stairs again as Sami looked on with concern.

Paul Heyman told everyone to acknowledge The Tribal Chief as Roman slapped KO in the face and speared him then pinned him to win the match as Sami looked conflicted.

After the match Jey Uso went to put a lei on Sami as Roman told him not to. The Usos then beat down Kevin Owens and hit him with the 1D. The fans chanted for Sami as The Usos put a chair around KO’s neck and Solo Sikoa rammed into it. Paul Heyman handed handcuffs to Roman and The Usos handcuffed KO to the ropes.

The Usos hot KO with superkicks over and over again as he was helpless. The fans chanted for Sami. Roman held a chair and taunted KO. He told KO that Sami isn’t family anymore. Roman went to swing the chair at Kevin and Sami stepped in and told him to stop. He told Roman that this is enough and this is beneath The Tribal Chief. Sami told Roman he’s better than this and it doesn’t need to go any further.

Roman Reigns handed the chair to Sami Zayn, but he said he didn’t want it. Roman told him to take the chair and said that KO doesn’t care about Sami, but he loves him. Sami stood behind Roman with the chair as Roman told him to pull the trigger. Roman started hitting Sami in the face and yelling at him.

Sami Zayn then hit Roman in the back with the chair as Jimmy Uso hit Sami with a superkick. Solo, Roman and Jimmy attacked Sami as the fans chanted for Jey. The Bloodline asked Jey what he was doing and he left the ring as the fans erupted.

Roman beat Sami down with a chair as the fans chanted “F**k you Roman!” The remaining members of The Bloodline dropped flowers on KO and Sami Zayn’s lifeless bodies to end the show.