With the WWE Superstar Shake-Up on the horizon, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen. To be honest, the WWE Superstars don’t even know where they will be going until their name is called because Vince McMahon loves genuine reactions.

Rusev and Aiden English are having a great time as a team while they make towns all over the planet and celebrate Rusev Day. But it looks like Rusev might be dropping a clue that his partnership with The Drama King could be coming to an end.

English posted a very cool photo of himself hyping a crowd to celebrate Rusev Day and the Lion Of Bulgaria replied saying that he will miss him.

This is very interesting but probably just amounts to Rusev having more fun because he likely doesn’t know which show either of them will be on after the Superstar Shake-Up is all said and done.


Pro wrestling is a place where you really don’t know what could happen next, especially backstage. Plenty of people from all walks of life and in every stage of their careers all congregate backstage at a pro wrestling event and it’s always a good idea if they can coexist. But then again, the ideal situation isn’t always the one people get.

While the details are sketchy at this point, it would seem there was a backstage brawl of some kind during Saturday night’s Ring Of Honor event in Pittsburgh.

Judging by the social media posts from some of the guys at the show, ROH’s Steel City Excellence event had a pretty interesting confrontation backstage.

Cody Rhodes commented about it with photographic evidence that his Chipolte bowl was one of the victims of the melee while Nick Jackson spoke out about how that kind of behavior doesn’t belong in their locker room.

Let’s hope this kind of thing doesn’t happen again for a very long time but in pro wrestling, you often get what you can take instead of what you want.