WWE Superstars can accomplish big things on their own, but when they unite to form a stable, they can become much more powerful.

The Shield recently reunited, Braun Strowman recently aligned himself with Dolph Ziggler and Braun Strowman, and it’s rumored that WWE officials are talking about putting a new stable together.

Joe Peisich addressed Paul Heyman’s future with WWE on Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast, and he claimed that there’s talk of giving Paul Heyman his own stable (via Ringside News).

“Paul Heyman/Kevin Owens. There is still some talk going around when Paul Heyman does return he’ll have a stable. Maybe Ronda Rousey, maybe Kevin Owens, maybe some other guys. But there’s still some talk within the WWE of having Paul Heyman run a stable.”

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