recently did an interview with Ring of Honor Champion Adam Cole. Among other things, Cole talked about how he relates to Daniel Bryan. Here’s the quote:

“I think that was one of the coolest moments about WrestleMania 30. There’s a lot of independant wrestlers that are smaller guys from all over the world who wrestle and I looked at that and I said, “ok, it totally is possible and it totally is doable.” I think there’s definitely cases where people have made that comment to me before about me with people saying that maybe I am too small or maybe I’m not big enough. Daniel Bryan has proved that size doesn’t matter and it’s true. I know that is cliche and said over and over again. If you are good enough at what you do in this job, the people will recognize it and their voices will be heard and let the world know that you deserve to be in the position you’re in.”


Adam Cole also touched on whether he feels the details in Wrestling are still prevalent :

“I think that the guys that do pay attention to detail stand out so much more. And my reasoning behind this is to me, pro wrestling being an event, being a spectacle that people come and watch and check out. Wrestlers and the moves that we are doing are just a small part of the entire show. So like for example, if something needs to be done or something needs to be said, there are often times where I will communicate with the referee, I will communicate with the commentator whether it be Kevin Kelly or Steve Corino. I will communicate with the cameraman and I will let them know there places to be or their stories to tell, to help me tell my story, so the story is told to a broader audience of the people watching it on their computer screens, watching it on their television screens. Because when you have everybody on the same page, paying attention to the same detail that your paying attention too, your story gets told so much better and it’s told so much easier because everyone’s on the same page.

“Kevin Steen is very good at that. I like to think I pay attention to that as well, but that is something very very important, that like you said guys don’t pay attention to as much, but I’ve always tried too especially in this role I’ve had as champion.”