road dogg

For decades Vince McMahon had the final say on WWE creative, but the company has been going through some major changes since Vince McMahon retired, and Triple H has assumed all responsibilities in regard to creative.

SummerSlam was the first big premium live event with Triple H in charge and it seems that the response to the show was generally positive among people in the wrestling community.

WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg recently discussed Triple H’s takeover on his Oh You Didn’t Know? podcast and he made it clear that he thinks the company is moving forward in a positive direction.

“You can call me biased, you can call me whatever you want to, but since [Triple H] took over, Raw, the go-home Raw, and Saturday night were a huge success in my eyes. You thought you were going to get a rematch like you’ve seen before and here came Brock Lesnar on a stinking tractor with a forklift on it, you know what I mean? Like, what in the world? So, look, I think they moved forward in a huge way, and I think they made the fans happy. I didn’t hear one thing say anything negative about the show.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.