Rich Brennan made a name for himself in WWE during his time with the company. Rich has since dropped the name “Brennan” and started using his real name “Bocchini” but he’s still the same guy. If anything, Bocchini is even better now because he doesn’t have to worry about what WWE will think about what he says.

Rich Bocchini has been filling in as a co-host for MLW Radio and recently brought up a rather controversial subject in indie wrestling.

“It came to my attention recently that apparently there are indie wrestlers charging people to be on podcasts” Rich said. “And I get that part of that is maybe to weed out some of the fan [podcasts] maybe that’s an easy way to say ‘nah’ — you know what? Cause let’s be honest there are a million podcasts out there. You can’t possibly do all of them.”

“But for me coming from sort of a music background in some ways like, any press is good press. Especially when it’s a fan doing a podcast more than likely to promote a show you’re going to be on and just to get your name out there. Even if one hundred listen to that podcast and by what you say you connect with five of them and you sell five shirts, wasn’t it worth it to do that podcast?”

Bocchini wanted to make it clear that he wasn’t “dumping on anybody and if it’s something that’s been going on for awhile I’ve been oblivious to it. But I was just really, really shocked and I can’t really wrap my head around it.” Rich said he wasn’t going to name names but he was still disturbed when he found this out.

MLW Radio host Mister Saint Laurent pointed out the fact that some podcasts only get eight listeners and he knows of some legends who throw out some “crazy price” to scare off certain podcasts. But he also said sometimes they’ll do it “if you can get a fan to PayPal you five-hundred bucks to do a twenty minute [podcast].”

Bocchini said he understood if you’re a pro wrestling legend or a big name indie guy, but it still rubs him the wrong way that some people are charging to do podcasts. So whenever you see someone has a special guest on their show, it might be polite to listen because you never know how much money they had to put up in order to secure that interview.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit MLW Radio with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription.