jeff hardy

During his successful singles run with WWE, Jeff Hardy became known as “The Charismatic Enigma.” One of the signatures of his persona was face paint, which he also used during his time in Impact Wrestling. However, Hardy hasn’t used the face paint since returning to WWE.

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According to Sportskeeda, Jeff Hardy made an appearance at Comic Con and jokingly made a comment about Finn Balor’s “Demon King” body paint being the real reason why he doesn’t wear the face paint himself anymore since making his return to WWE programming this year.

Hardy also mentioned that he won’t be bringing back the face paint until a special occasion or until he receives a significant singles push on WWE television in the future. However, Jeff has been given permission to bring it back during WWE house shows. He just can’t wear it on TV.

On paper, Balor vs. Hardy could be interesting if both men are wearing their respective paint, but it’s possible the latter will bring back the face paint the WWE Universe loves at some point in the future. WWE officials just want to push face paint as a “Finn Balor” thing for right now.