Paige’s early retirement at the age of 25 might be one of the saddest pro wrestling stories in recent memory. She spent her life taking bumps in the ring and making a name for herself and now that all seems to be in the past as she looks onward to the next phase of her career.

Ryback was never told he can’t compete in WWE anymore. He just left WWE because he grew frustrated with many aspects of the company. He recently spoke about Paige on Conversation With The Big Guy where he not only went into his experiences with Paige but also how medical advancements might later change WWE doctors’ orders. Of course, that seems unlikely at this point because she’s said to be done at this point.

“She has always been super sweet to me. She is a great girl,” Ryback said. “During a live event, one of the other wrestlers kicked her and gave her a stinger, or what they thought was a stinger, but it alerted them with something else that was going on. She got into wrestling at a young age, she has been wrestling her whole life so it really sucks.”

“For fans listening, wrestlers are human beings and I’ve always said that I have experienced things where I have my career taken away from me at different points and I was very fortunate to have left when I did to of found the issues that I had or else I would have been done,” Ryback said. “You never know with medical advancements 10 years from now that they will find something, but as of right now she is done, and that sucks, but I hope that isn’t true. She is an amazing talent and an amazing person.”

Ryback then went on to say that Paige will hopefully, find a place in a non-wrestling role. He mistakenly said that she is on Total Divas because the Anti Diva was taken off that show during her hiatus while she dealt with a neck injury. But long story short, it might be best for Paige to find another interest outside of professional wrestling because it obviously won’t be there forever.

“Hopefully WWE finds something for her in a non-wrestling role, something to keep her busy,” he said. “She is on Total Divas and all that. Mentally it is going to be very tough for her; she has gone through a lot already but hopefully, she can remain optimistic. She comes from a wrestling family so all she knows is wrestling, but I hope she has other interests outside of wrestling that she can latch on to.”

Quotes thanks to Conversation With The Big Guy and Wrestling Inc for the transcription