Paige recently returned to Raw, and she brought Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose along with her. The former Divas Champion is now the leader of her very own stable called Absolution, and they’ve been running the women’s division on Raw for the past two weeks.

Paige’s return was a long time coming as she had been out of action for over a year, and now she’s set to wrestle her first singles match since her return on Raw.

WWE has announced that Paige will be wrestling “The Boss” Sasha Banks on Raw, and it’s probably safe to say that when she makes her way to the ring, her fellow Absolution members probably won’t be far behind.

The members of Absolution were supposed to fight in a six woman tag team match on the most recent episode of Raw, but due to the fact that Paige and Absolution destroyed their opponents before the match could take place, it didn’t end up happening.

We’ll have to wait and see how things go down on Monday and if Paige decides to fight fair, or if she and Absolution will dominate “The Boss” before she gets a chance to defend herself.