Sunday night the first ever women’s Elimination Chamber match took place, but Paige wasn’t able to participate. Paige had neck surgery in 2016 to repair an injury, and she returned last year, but it appears that her in-ring career may be over as WWE officials have reportedly decided not to clear her after she was injured during a match at a live event a few weeks ago.

Fans won’t be seeing the former Divas Champion fight inside the ring anytime soon, but she did appear on the Elimination Chamber kickoff show as a guest on the commentary panel.

When asked for her opinion on Ronda Rousey joining WWE, Paige pointed out that MMA fighters only fight a few times a year, whereas wrestlers are in the ring several times a week.

A fan took a shot at Paige on social media by calling her the “chick that has wrestled once in the last year” and the Raw star very clearly explained that she has neck issues.

Even though she wasn’t able to compete in the women’s Elimination Chamber match, she still showed a lot of love for the participants when she posted the following: