Paige has accomplished a lot in her WWE career, and she has been one of the women at the forefront of the Women’s Revolution.

But unfortunately Paige has been forced to miss some of the biggest moments in the women’s revolution over the past few years, because she’s spent a significant amount of time dealing with a neck injury and recovering from surgery.

The former WWE Divas Champion returned to Monday Night Raw back in November alongside Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, but now it appears that her in-ring career is over.

Paige suffered an injury that was believed to just be a stinger after taking a kick at a WWE live event, but it was later revealed that she had lost some feeling in her extremities, and WWE officials have reportedly decided not to clear her.

The WWE Superstar has been quiet since reports of her status surfaced online, but she posted a photo in an Instagram story confirmed she is heading to Raw tonight.

Whether or not she will end up appearing on the show remains to be seen, but it appears that she will be at the arena.

She also posted a photo with no caption on her Twitter account which can be seen below.