The last few weeks have been huge for Paige, as she’s been out and about promoting “Fighting With My Family.”

The film tells the story of Paige’s family, as well as her journey to WWE, and Florence Pugh stars as the former WWE Divas Champion.

One reviewer shared their assessment of the film on, and in the review a comment was made about Florence Pugh have “chunky thighs.” An excerpt from the reviews reads as follows:

“Though Lowden’s performance is gorgeous, Pugh is the film’s main weapon. Hauntingly intense in The Falling and Lady Macbeth, the 23-year-old turns out to be an effortlessly nuanced comedian. With chunky thighs. Her character is based on real-world WWE champion Paige, whose legs are significantly slimmer. How cool! So many actresses offer an idealised version of real women. Pugh is changing the ideal.”

Florence Pugh noticed the comment and she responded with the following:

Paige later joined the conversation and made it clear that she was appalled by the comment.

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