the miz
Photo: WWE

Tye Dillinger has been stuck down in NXT for the past few years with many of the WWE Universe wondering what The Perfect 10 has to do to show the main roster creative team that he is ready for that promotion.

Dillinger was unsuccessful at NXT Takeover: Toronto when he faced Bobby Roode in the opening bout, and it was thought that this could perhaps be his last match on an NXT special as he could be heading to the main roster at The Royal Rumble.

It seems the popular star has decided to start up a feud of his own with SmackDown’s current Intercontinental Champion, as the two have been causing a lot of waves on Twitter.

Tye was innocently asked a question about which wrestler he would like to face that he hasn’t already wrestled. Tye answered that The Miz could use a slap in the mouth.

This has since become a lengthy exchange between the two stars, that is actually quite entertaining to read.

Miz replied:

This was his way of stating how much better than Tye he actually was, but in true Dillinger style, the Perfect 10 responded:

Miz being ever the opportunist that he is, decided to respond by bringing in the fact that Tye is technically still in developmental:

Obviously, Tye proved that he wasn’t going to be shut down that easily by the Intercontinental Champion, and hit back at the A-lister:

Miz ended the exchange with the following Tweet stating that Tye should ask SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan for the opportunity:

This exchange has many fans buzzing about the prospect of The Miz having a new fresh-faced challenger. With Bobby Roode now stepping into the NXT Championship picture, it seems the rivalry between Tye and Bobby is over and there is nothing left for Tye on NXT.

A switch to the blue brand could be the best thing for him moving forward, and for him to be taken under the wing of The Miz would only work in his favour.

Miz has had one of the rivalries of the year with Dolph Ziggler in recent weeks but their match at TLC this past weekend seems to have been the final exchange between the two and with The Miz defeating Dean Ambrose on SmackDown this week, it proved that WWE had not prepared a new mid-card challenger.

SmackDown has a distinctive lack of people who can step up to this opportunity and in the absence of someone like Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt, who are busy being Tag Team Champions, Tye could be the perfect person.

Another person who could potentially step into the title picture would be Heath Slater, the former Tag Team Champion lost his title back at TLC and lost his rematch on SmackDown this past week. It is thought that due to Rhyno’s political career beginning to take of The Man Beast will be leaving SmackDown in the near future which leaves Heath alone.

Whether WWE decides to put Heath in that spot against The Miz with his new Kid gimmick remains to be seen, but since Tye and Miz have already begun creating something of a perfect feud on Social Media, there should be no reason why WWE wouldn’t capitalise on the attention it has started.

Miz is one of the best things on SmackDown right now and to allow an NXT talent to step up to face him and create what could be one of the stand-out feuds on the brand would be a fantastic idea. It just remains to be seen as to whether or not WWE are going to use this going forward, or if they will see it as banter online.