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Throughout the course of his career fans have accused Triple H of “burying” talent from time to time. There’s no denying that Triple H is one of the most powerful people in WWE, but whether or not he’s abused that power is up for debate.

In any case, now that Triple H’s in ring career is winding down, he’s more focused on his job behind the scenes, and he’s done a lot of great things for the business, and without a doubt the greatest thing he’s done is make NXT what it is today.

NXT has gone from a developmental brand, to one of the hottest professional wrestling brands in the world in only a few short years. Triple H has played a huge role in making this happen, and he’s done it without relying on established names from the past. But there’s one name from the past who needs to step into the NXT ring at least once, and that’s Triple H himself.


#4 – NXT Is The House That Triple H Built

Photo: WWE

There’s no denying that NXT is the house that Triple H built. Without him, NXT would not be what it is today, and it’s fun to see him promote the brand with pride. But much like it’s fun to see Vince McMahon step into a WWE ring every once in a while, it would be interesting to see Triple H step into a NXT ring.

It just wouldn’t be right to see one of the WWE’s biggest stars go his entire career without wrestling at least one match in a NXT ring. The brand is his vision, and it would be fun to see him on the other side of the camera for more than just a promo.


#3 – The Crowd Chants

triple h nxt
Photo: WWE

NXT isn’t the WWE that’s for sure. Of course NXT is itself an extension of WWE, which in turn makes the two brands very similar, but NXT has its own unique atmosphere.

The NXT fans are a little bit more intense than the majority of fans who attend standard WWE events, and they’ve been known to come up with some very colorful, and entertaining chants.

The NXT audience is an audience unlike any that Triple H has performed in front of in recent years, and Triple H wrestling in a NXT ring would present somewhat of a fish out of water scenario. NXT fans have the ability to steal the show at times with their interesting chants, and one can’t help but wonder what sort of chants they would direct at Triple H.


#2 – It Would Draw More Attention To NXT

triple h nxt
Photo: WWE

Triple H has done a great job at staying behind the scenes and out of the spotlight when it comes to NXT, but there’s no denying that an advertised Triple H match in a NXT ring would definitely get people talking. NXT isn’t a brand that’s known for putting on matches featuring legends, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to do it every once in a while.

NXT is extremely popular among dedicated wrestling fans, but there are still plenty of fans out there who don’t keep up with the brand. Putting Triple H in a big match on a NXT pay-per-view would definitely get more eyes on the product, and as Triple H has been known to say, that would be, “best for business.”


#1 – There Are Several Worthy Opponents He Could Face

triple h nxt
Photo: WWE

There are many NXT stars that would make great opponents for Triple H, so it’s hard to pick just one.

There’s no denying that a Triple H vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match would be a huge spectacle. Both men have larger than life personas, and they love to put on a show.

Samoa Joe is another name that comes to mind in regards to potential NXT matches for Triple H.

Of course you can’t talk about potential NXT opponents for Triple H without bringing up Bobby Roode. For years now fans have been comparing Bobby Roode to Triple H, and in some ways they are similar

Bobby Roode vs. Triple H has become somewhat of a cult dream match over the years, and stylistically Roode and Triple H match up perfectly.

As you can see there’s no shortage of potential names for Triple H to wrestle in NXT, but NXT present the perfect platform for him to face off against any one of them, as it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see Triple face off against Roode, Nakamura or Joe in a WWE ring.


Would you like to see Triple H wrestle one match in NXT? Who would you want to see him face? Sound off in the comments below.