NXT’s title belts have an interesting history (especially the Women’s Title). But for whatever reason, WWE changed the title designs at TakeOver: Orlando. The new belts are really sweet actually. They’re much sleeker and have a very cool look to them.

But for some reason, on the last couple of nights of NXT’s tour, they used the old belts. At both Highland Heights and Evansville shows Asuka and Bobby Roode were sporting their old gold. The Authors Of Pain weren’t on the tour, they got the week off before their ladder match at Takeover: Chicago.

Who knows why they carried the old titles. It could be as simple as they just packed the wrong belts before they left Orlando. But for whatever reason, they were using their old belts on tour.

It will be interesting to see what titles they actually defend at TakeOver: Chicago. Bobby Roode is gonna get kicked really hard by Hideo Itami and Asuka is going to kick Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot really hard too. In all honesty, Asuka could drop her title because she can lose without being pinned in a triple threat. That would be an asterisk on her winning streak, but she would still remain unpinned.

Lana is a woman who knows what she wants and when she’s at a Nashville Preditors game she wants to hear her husband’s entrance music. If you’ve ever been to a sporting event they sometimes use WWE themes to get the crowd going. After all, nothing helps a sports team rally fans more than stealing heat from WWE superstars.

To rally their fans during the game, the Preditors were playing some WWE theme music. But Lana pointed out they were missing Rusev’s crushing song and she seemed upset about it. In all honesty, it would be a good song to use at a game because it has a very strong driving melody. I think she’s on to something. Maybe Lana could get a second job as the person who picks songs at Preditors games.