nikki bella

The Bella Twins were featured consistently on WWE programming for many years, but Nikki Bella was forced to retire due to issues with her neck.

Even though Nikki has said she’s done, she hasn’t made an official retirement speech, and during an episode of The Bellas Podcast she talked about why she thinks WWE hasn’t asked her to announce her retirement on TV.

“I feel like they haven’t had me come in and do a retirement speech because – guys, it’s crazy. Brie and I have become hated by the ‘Smart Marks’. I always looked at it like, well, we did a really good job as heels for so long. But it was like the more successful we would get with the reality shows, and the men that we were dating and married to, and all that, we became more and more hated. For people to go against us in the ring and on the mic, it’s very easy to create promos with Brie and I, or about us. And I look at Paige, and Bryan, and Edge, and the list goes on of people who got to have that moment [of a retirement speech].”

Nikki went on to say that she would love to wrestle again, and she prays that one day The Bella Twins will be accepted by “that crowd.”

“It’s actually going to make me emotional. It’s going to make me cry because, you know, I love wrestling. I gave thirteen years of my life. I beat my body up. I mean, it was my world. It’s so sad sometimes when I see the lack of respect or, like, not the appreciation. You know how badly I wish I could go out there and wrestle again, and do it for the fans, and do it for us? I mean, I’ve risked my life. And you know what? I’m a human being; sometimes we like to be acknowledged or appreciated. And the fact that I gave so much and I will never get to stand in that ring and have the ‘thank you, Nikki’ chant, or even give my last, final words – I found out the Thursday before WrestleMania and I’m done. That’s it… I pray one day, Brie, we will be appreciated by that crowd.”

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