Natalya comes from a very famous wrestling family, in case you haven’t heard. She grew up in and around the legendary Hart dungeon and spent a lot of time in the ring as a child. Essentially, before she learned her alphabet and basic mathematics she knew how to apply a headlock.

Natalya is extremely proud of her family lineage, as she should be. The Queen Of Harts recently sent out an amazing picture one day ahead of Throwback Thursday.

We love these excerpts from the old Hart Family photo album and this is one of the coolest pictures that we’ve seen from the famous Canadian family.

This is what happens when you grow up with a wrestling ring in your backyard.

Speaking of classic photos, Emma recently shared one of her favorite memories from WrestleMania 32 that was captured in still photography. Emma was involved in the massive tag match between team Total Divas and Team B.A.D. and Blonde. The reality television stars might have come out on top of that contest, but they took some pretty mean licks in the process.

People forget how great of a performer Emma is when she isn’t masked by all of the controversy and other extraneous information surrounding her evolution into Emmalina and subsequent de-evolution back into Emma.

Paige didn’t let that tweet sit for too long until she commented on it. It’s nice to see that she’s so cavalier about possessing the ability to take such a brutal looking german suplex. Especially considering the fact that she’s currently rehabbing from a neck surgery.