Mickie James was released from WWE last year, and Mickie has since gone on to return to Impact Wrestling. Mickie is the current Impact Knockouts Champion, but she will be making a special appearance on WWE programming when she competes in the women’s Royal Rumble match later this month.

James recently discussed her Royal Rumble appearance on Busted Open Radio, and she made it clear that she intends to walk to the ring with the Impact Knockouts Championship.

“I think it’s pretty important. And I feel like the fact that Pat (McAfee) has already mentioned it on television and referred to me as the Knockouts World Champion, that was really powerful. So, I intend to walk out with the championship, I feel like that’s representing the company that I work for now and that I am the champion for.”

After she was released WWE sent Mickie’s belongings to her in a trash bag, and when Mickie posted a photo of the trash bag on social media it quickly went viral. The trash bag incident was a hot topic in the world of professional wrestling for some time, but Mickie James acknowledged that she’s happy to leave it in the past as she prepares to make her WWE return.

“I feel like too, it was important for me not to have that incident be the thing. I did some incredible work there at WWE. And for whatever reason, that’s the thing, that door is never really closed. And I just hated having that bad blood, I didn’t want that asterisk. I’ve had all these cool matches and cool moments, but it was overshadowed by this one thing, that sucked.

“And I am glad that it’s not going to happen anymore, and it sucked. But it wasn’t like I was the only person it happened to and I think at the end of the day my dream was always to have been there and do all these monumental things that I was able to do there. I just didn’t want to be known for the other thing. So, this is something cool and different. So if that is the last thing, it’s a pretty cool last thing, you know?”

The Royal Rumble pay-per-view will air live on Saturday, January 29th. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

H/T Wrestling Inc.