mick foley

It would seem that Mick Foley is separating himself even more from his former Santa Claus look, as the Raw General Manager has once again switched up his hairstyle.

Last week Mick Foley debuted a shorter haircut while wearing a very snazzy suit and people took notice. Fans weren’t sure whether or not it was the new hairstyle or the tighter clothes, but his recent weight loss success was definitely apparent. This week fans got a little bit more notice that Foley had altered his look.

The Mickster tweeted a picture of his new haircut this morning while driving to New Orleans. Mick Foley showed off his new look to fans on Twitter, and he also showed the world that he’s a New Day fan, as he is sporting a ‘Booty-O’s’ shirt today as well.

Check out the photo below.

He might have gotten the new doo because tonight is going to be a big Raw featuring the return of Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. The three men are legends from the same era, and Mick might have a chance for a nice photo op with his old friends, so it’s likely that he wants to look his best.

Seeing how good Shawn Michaels is looking as of late might have been another incentive for Foley to clean his head region up a bit. Michaels is rumored to be appearing just to plug his new WWE Films movie “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.” On the other hand, Undertaker might have an announcement regarding the Royal Rumble planned.

Regardless of the reasoning behind Mick Foley’s new look, it’s nice to have some warning this time that we’ll be seeing more of Foley’s face tonight.