matt riddle

Goldberg and Dolph Ziggler recently bumped into each other in Las Vegas, and they played up their recent feud when they got into a heated altercation and had to be pulled apart.

The video did exactly what it needed to do, it got people talking, and one of the people talking about the video is none other than Matt Riddle.

It’s no big secret that Matt Riddle and Goldberg have had their issues, and Riddle commented on the video when he posted the following on Twitter:

“Why didn’t you try this with me 😢 I would have had an even better story for watch along”

Matt Riddle explained during an episode of WWE Watch Along on SummerSlam Sunday that he had a tense interaction with Goldberg backstage at the event.

It was later reported that Riddle and Goldberg had another backstage meeting where they decided to “agree to disagree.”