broken matt hardy

Matt Hardy has awoken, and now the members of the Monday Night Raw roster will need to watch what they say and do, because the Master of Deletion has returned. Matt is already reuniting House Hardy, and he has declared that The Great War has begun in WWE.

Vanguard 1 was recently reactivated, and it appears that Matt has already targeted a member of the Raw roster for deletion.

Fans have been talking about a potential Broken Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt match for a long time now, and that’s why it’s fitting that Bray Wyatt seems to be the one that has helped Matt access his dormant “CONDISHTION.”

But Wyatt may soon regret the day that he crossed paths with Matt Hardy, as Woken Matt has now made it his duty to “DELETE” the “DEMON” inside of Bray Wyatt.

Matt has also been on a mission to help spot monkeys preserve their vessels, and it seems that he and Drew Gulak would work well together given that they’re both fighting for the same cause.

But that’s not the case as Matt called Gulak an “OBSOLETE MULE” when a fan suggested that they should team up to film a backstage segment.

Gulak responded, and although he hasn’t been added to the Directory of DELETION just yet, Matt Hardy did send him a stern warning.