mandy rose

Mandy Rose has become one of the most popular stars on Friday Night SmackDown, and her storyline with Otis has also been getting a lot of attention as of late.

For a long time Mandy Rose was paired with Sonya Deville, and at one point they pitched a romance storyline to WWE officials, which never ended up getting used.

Rose talked a little bit about the storyline during an interview with talkSPORT, and she noted that even though the storyline didn’t get used everything worked out for the best.

“We’ve always pitched different things, always thinking of different ideas. Just like everyone should be; you always want to give the writers and the producers ideas for your own character, because you know yourself best.

Yeah [the lesbian angle] was definitely an idea that we pitched ourselves – it was actually a while ago during our NXT days we thought about that. But, you know, things happen. Things change. Might be suited better for other people, whatever it may be.

But, it all worked out, the storyline [with Otis] turned out really well as most of you would agree, so it is what it is with that stuff, right.”

Fire and Desire is no more, but Mandy Rose confirmed that they’re still close and just felt that it was time for them to pursue singles competition.

“Yeah, I think we were. Obviously, Sonya and I are so close that we’d travel together, do road trips and we’d just be coming up with ideas like ‘oh my god, it would be so cool if we went this way’ and whatever. And because our friendship is so real and it’s been so real for so many years, we knew that eventually our feud was going to be really cool and I think we did it the right way.

It feels so real and a lot of the recent weeks we’ve shown that. I think it was time [we split]. It was obviously a lot of fun tagging with her, but I think we are two very different people as well. We meshed well together and we had good chemistry together an all, but I think it was time to showcase ourselves in another light, in singles competition, and show other character attributes.”

It’s safe to say Mandy Rose will likely be in a prominent spot on SmackDown for some time to come, as she’s with Otis now, and Otis recently won the Money in the Bank briefcase.