kurt angle

Kurt Angle officially retired after he was defeated by Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35, but that hasn’t stopped wrestling promoters from trying to get him to return.

During a recent interview with NBC Sports Boston the former WWE Champion noted that Tony Khan called him and offered him a good deal for a wrestling role two different times, but he just couldn’t do it. Kurt Angle went on to share some more details about the offer that was apparently for a total of ten matches.

“They wanted me to have big special matches. They gave me a contract for ten matches, they didn’t say how long it would be. It might not have been for a year, it might have been for three years and I would have wrestled three matches a year. I decided not to do it because of my supplement company, and the fact that, I’m not the same that I used to be. If I’m gonna go in there and wrestle, I want to be the old Kurt Angle and I know I can’t be that anymore.”

Kurt Angle recently underwent double knee surgery, and he confirmed that he will never wrestle again despite the fact that there seems to be interesting in bringing him back to the ring. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

H/T Fightful