Conor McGregor recently made headlines after he called most WWE guys “messed up p**sies.” The wrestling community fired back at Conor and then Conor said that he would “slap the head off your entire roster” in reference to the WWE guys.

Kurt Angle recently spoke to Sports Illustrated and he reacted to Conor’s comments by challenging him to get in the ring and take a bump.

“I’d like to challenge Conor. Take five bumps with me in the ring. Just five bumps. When I did that for the first time, I took three and said, ‘F— this, I’m quitting.’ I quit for a couple days and my manager talked me into going back. I know how Dana White and Conor continue to bash the business, but I challenge either of them to get in the ring with me and take five bumps. Once they do, they’ll realize how tough it is–and that’s not even a fraction of what it takes to be a pro wrestler.”

Angle talked quite a bit about Conor McGregor and he also praised John Cena’s run at the top of WWE while noting that he doesn’t think Cena would last long in the UFC.

“John Cena would tap in twenty seconds in the Octagon, but he is still the biggest badass to ever walk the face of the earth. This kid has been on top for thirteen years. No one has ever done that. He’s now in his fourteenth year on top. I couldn’t do it. Hulk Hogan didn’t do that, Stone Cold had four or five years tops, and it was the same with The Rock before he went to Hollywood. From a toughness standpoint, there is nobody tougher than John Cena. I would love to see Conor McGregor try to be on top of WWE for thirteen years. He wouldn’t make it.”

As far as who he thinks could take down McGregor, he praised Dolph Ziggler’s amateur wrestling ability and noted that he thinks Dolph Ziggler could give McGregor a run for his money if he trained for six months.

“Dolph Ziggler was a great amateur wrestler. If he trained for six months, Dolph could give Conor a good run for his money.”