kevin owens

When you’re a WWE Superstar going out in public isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Wrestling fans are everywhere, and when a fan spots their favorite wrestler in public, they often want to take a picture with them. Some fans even do so without asking for permission first.

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One fan apparently spotted Kevin Owens in public recently, and her boyfriend took to Twitter to let Owens know that his girlfriend was wearing Kenny Omega gear, and he asked the former United States Champion to go full heel on her.

Owens responded by telling the fan that his girlfriend went full heel on him, because she took a picture of him and his daughter without asking permission.

Another fan chimed in saying that Owens probably would have been mad if the fan had interrupted his family time to ask for a photo.

But Kevin Owens made it clear that nothing irritates him more than when fans take photos without asking.

So, to anyone out there who might be interested in taking a photo of Kevin Owens, make sure to ask him first. Of course he always has the right to say no, but regardless of what he says, he prefers to be asked before a photo is taken.