When Kenny Omega first announced that he was leaving NJPW, fans immediately started talking about the possibility of him signing with WWE.

After weeks of hype, and speculation, Kenny finally made it official this week when he confirmed that he signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling. Omega recently opened up about his decision to sign with AEW on Wrestling Observer Radio, and he confirmed that WWE made him a “fantastic offer.”

He went on to say that he considered staying in New Japan, but AEW and WWE seemed to be more excited about having him. Despite WWE’s offer, Omega couldn’t turn down the chance to work on a new project with his friends where he would have at least some control over his creative.

“So WWE’s offer was fantastic, as [Meltzer] reported. And a lot of people just know, it’s common knowledge, but they went about it in a very professional, courteous way and those guys are nothing but constant professionals in the way they dealt with me. But at the end of the day, AEW presented something that was – they just couldn’t be beat. I’m with my best friends in the business, I have a little bit of control in the creative, which is always, of course, very important. And I really feel like it’s the true platform for me to sort of have my voice be heard and I always like challenges. And I like the prospect of this being a blundering failure.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.