keith lee

A few weeks ago WWE shocked the world once again when the company released a total of 18 Superstars, and former NXT Champion Keith Lee happened to be one of the stars that got cut. Keith Lee recently reflected on his final moments with WWE, and he indicated that he’ll be retiring his singlet when he posted the following:

One fan decided to respond to Lee and accuse the former WWE star of being bitter. The fan also noted that Lee was “not good enough” because he got released from WWE.

Keith Lee went on to clear things up and responded to the tweet by saying that he’s far from bitter.

“Lol…this makes me laugh. It is quite clear that you are either intentionally ignorant, or just simply an imbecile. I am far from bitter. I am grateful. And nothing in this tweet says anything bitter. It merely says bye to a singlet and looks toward the future. Look inward.”

Keith Lee’s 90 day non-compete clause will be up in January of 2022. Stay tuned for updates.