kayla braxton

Social media can be very volatile for WWE stars sometimes, and Kayla Braxton has announced that she’s taking a break from Twitter. The WWE broadcaster recently took to Twitter to say that it’s “appalling how mean people can be to people they don’t even know,” and she encouraged everyone to strive to be better.

As you can imagine, the Twitter-verse had plenty to say about Kayla’s comments, and following the responses she later announced that she’s taking a break from Twitter, but she will be back for SummerSlam.

“Oy vey. I think it’s time I take a much needed break from Twitter. A lot of you are great. But a lot of you are disappointing. And I don’t need or want the negativity that some of you enjoy tossing around. Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be back for summerslam. ✌🏽”