WWE has released quite a few talented Superstars so far in 2021, and former NXT Champion Karrion Kross happened to be one of the more surprising names on the list. Kross was called up to the main roster earlier this year, and after he encountered some questionable booking he was also given new gear in the form of a gladiator helmet.

Kross spoke about the ring gear during a recent appearance on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, and he admitted that he laughed when he saw the original picture.

“I got an email with what it was supposed to look like. Apparently the music was supposed to change, the entrance was supposed to change and this was supposed to be an enhanced, standard version. So when I saw it, the picture of it, I showed it to Scarlett and I just started laughing. I said ‘I can be comfortable wearing this, but this is not going to go over in 2021.’ I look at it like this; nobody wants the reputation of being difficult to work with. No one wants the reputation for being a mark for themselves and not wanting to do this and this. And here I am.”

“I personally had the dream experience in NXT. I walked in there, my ideas were embraced. We collectively collaborated with stuff. I just felt inclined as a professional to embrace these ideas that had been given to me. Because that’s all I was getting in NXT. If I had an idea and I had something that I wanted to say, or I had something to contribute to something, it was always met with enthusiasm. Or if they thought the idea was not great, they would make it better. So I thought to myself ‘I kind of owe it to them to engage them with this.’”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.