Earlier this month CM Punk defeated Jon Moxley in the main event at All Out to win the AEW World Championship for the second time in his career. However, Punk was injured during the match, and he was reportedly involved in a physical altercation with The Elite following the post-show media scrum.

Tony Khan announced on the following episode of Dynamite that the AEW World Championship had been vacated, and a tournament kicked off shortly after. The finals of the tournament came down to Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley who faced off on Wednesday night at AEW Grand Slam.

As the match kicked off the camera zoomed in on MJF who was sitting in the stands holding the poker chip which guarantees him a shot at the AEW World Championship.

Danielson and Moxley went to war with one another as soon as the bell rang. Near the end of the match Jon Moxley referenced his Shield brother Seth Rollins when he hit The Stomp followed by the Death Rider, but Danielson kicked out. The action spilled to the outside and Moxley hit Death Rider on the ramp then rolled Danielson in the ring only for him to kick out once again.

Moxley then put Bryan Danielson in a sleeper hold and the referee called for the bell as Bryan Danielson faded out. After the match William Regal got in the ring to celebrate with Moxley as the show came to a close.