johnny impact

It’s been years since Johnny Impact parted ways with WWE, but he’s been able to find success with other wrestling promotions, and he recently won the Impact World Championship at Bound For Glory.

Even though Johnny has been working with other companies, fans often ask if he has any plans to return to WWE in the future.

The former Superstar recently talked about his status with the company while speaking to Alicia Atout and Anthony Carelli on Behind The Lights, and he revealed Triple H’s reaction to a battle rap video he made after his WWE departure.

“I did that right when I left, and right when you leave WWE is when you usually get the biggest chip on your shoulder,” Impact said via Wrestling Inc. “It was kind of funny; I texted Hunter a couple of times and I told him I was going to do this battle rap video, and this was after I was completely gone, and he’s like, ‘What do you mean?’ And I was like, ‘I’m going to dress up like you and dress up like The Undertaker, and do battle raps back and forth and make fun of each other’. And he’s like, ‘I don’t understand. But go ahead.’

“And now when I watch it back, I cringe a little bit, because I go, ‘Oh, yikes!’ I think I can do a better battle rap video now, and I actually feel bad about some of the stuff that I said. I was at Miz’s New Year’s party, and this was a year or two or three ago, and everyone asks about when you’re returning to WWE. And I was like, ‘Yeah, I think I have a good relationship with WWE. I’ll probably go back’. Miz goes, ‘Oh, you know what? Hunter keeps bringing up that battle rap video.’ He goes like, ‘Didn’t Morrison do some battle rap video where he’s burying me and ‘Taker?’ And until I heard that, I didn’t think it was even a thing. I would’ve thought he would’ve been too busy to even realize that.”

If you haven’t seen the battle rap you can check it out below.