john morrison

It has been quite well publicized that The Miz wasn’t liked in the WWE locker room when he was first signed to the company. The current Intercontinental Champion had been part of MTV’s The Real World and Tough Enough before he was signed to be the host of SmackDown back in 2005 and went on to host the 2006 Diva Search as well.

Miz’s ego caused him a lot of problems and it seems that Chris Benoit was the one who made him suffer the most. John Morrison appeared on Highspots on Youtube recently and talked about the famous locker room incident in much more detail.

It seems that The Miz was caught eating chicken over referee Scott Armstrong’s bag (If you don’t remember he was the ref who fast counted Daniel Bryan’s World Championship win before joining The Authority and getting Bryan stripped of the title) and Benoit caught him and kicked him out of the locker room for good.

Miz was then forced to change in the hallway for a number of months even following the Benoit tragedy because the rule is that whoever kicks you out of the locker room has to allow you to come back in.

It seems that Undertaker finally took pity on The Miz and allowed him to come back in when he heard Benoit’s reasons for kicking him out.

It was well-known that Miz had a tough time, but this seems as though the punishment was much worse than the actual crime committed.

This part of the interview can be seen here: