john cena

The Show Of Shows is WWE’s pro wrestling extravaganza known as WrestleMania and it would be hard to imagine the event taking place without John Cena’s involvement at this point as long as he’s not injured. But the only question remains of who the part-timer free agent will be facing at the Grandaddy Of Them All when it takes over the Superdome once again.

John Cena’s name is already a huge draw and whoever he faces will already have an advantage in being a part of the match just because Cena makes it so easy for people to care about anything he’s a part of. After all, his involvement made a mixed tag match seem like a big deal at WrestleMania 33.

But The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports while there is an idea going around that AJ Styles will be putting his WWE Championship up against Big Match John at WrestleMania 34, he’s being told those assumptions are incorrect.

In fact, Meltzer is being told that John Cena’s match at Mania will be even bigger than a WWE Championship match. This could mean a lot of things, and they’re all pretty exciting.

If you break it down, for a match to mean more than the WWE Championship this would mean Cena will need to face a name as big or bigger than his and there aren’t a lot of those people around anymore. The Undertaker, Batista, Hulk Hogan, and Goldberg were all mentioned but not all of those are a possibility. Another name that isn’t much of a possibility is The Rock, as he keeps talking about how booked his calendar is even requiring him to rethink a presidential run in 2020 due to everything he’s slated to do. But never say never in WWE.

Of course, Hulk Hogan’s back issues might make it hard for him to be cleared to compete. Also, Goldberg is rumored to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame before WrestleMania 34 as well but nothing can really be ruled out. The Undertaker’s story was wrapped up so well after he lost to Roman Reigns in Orlando that it might be a shame for WWE to go back on that, but stranger things have happened in WWE (strangerer things have happened too).

Of course, Batista is rumored to be serious about a return to WWE, therefore his name is certainly in the running as well. But hopefully, we’ll have a better picture of what is going to happen as Raw’s 25th Anniversary show on January 22nd is expected to be a prime location for many of these questions to be answered.