john cena

There’s not a lot that John Cena can’t do. He’s a 16 time WWE World Champion, a rapper (technically), an actor, a television host, and a whole lot more. But even the former face of the WWE has his shortcomings, and it looks like someone on the Raw roster recently called him out.

John Cena and Seth Rollins have a long history together, as they’ve feuded off and on over the last few years, and both men really helped to push each other to their limits during their matches together.

It looks like Seth and John have become pretty good friends, because Cena recently took to Twitter to thank Rollins for confronting him.

Cena didn’t say what he confronted him about, but he thanked him for helping him address his shortcomings, and doing what friends do.

Rollins responded with the following:

Both Seth Rollins and John Cena are currently being advertised for Raw tonight.

Drew McIntyre recently spoke to The Mirror about his ICW Hall of Fame induction, and during the interview he talked about how Triple H supported him and told him that he needed to be there in person to accept the honor.

“I’m friends obviously with Mark Dallas the promoter and a couple of the lads were with him and they just messaged me to let me know. They said ‘we’re going to put you into the Hall of Fame at the upcoming Fight Club tapings, the biggest one ever, and we just want to recognise what you’ve done for the company and done for Scottish wrestling’. It really meant the world to me, I didn’t know what to say. I’ve won a lot of titles and they were very big moments, but this is personally very special to me.”

“After they actually sent it I contacted Triple H and told him about it and he personally endorsed me going. The reason I’m going is because Triple H believes in ICW and was very happy for me. Receiving this opportunity, he told me, ‘you should go there and be there in person’. That’s the reason i’m going to be there. To go there and be in person, when initially it was just going to be done on the show as a little tribute without me there, really does mean the world. I’m going to be going home, in my home company and with all my friends on the show and in the crowd, with my family there. You can’t buy that kind of stuff.”