If there’s one thing that’s been consistent about WWE this year it’s the rate at which the company releases talents, and this week WWE released 8 more stars including the following names:

– John Morrison
– Tegan Nox
– Shane Thorne
– Jaxson Ryker
– Drake Maverick
– Isaiah Scott
– Top Dolla
– Ashante Adonis

Following his release Drake Maverick posted a video which started out with him crying about the release. The video then cuts to sad Drake Maverick sitting in a chair while another version of himself hypes him up and tells him to get up. The video ends with Maverick taking off his WWE shirt then looking at his phone and smiling.

Drake Maverick caught the attention of John Cena as Cena retweeted the video with the following caption:

“This is worth a watch. Very well done and very powerful message by a gifted performer.”

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