john cena

Daniel Bryan was finally cleared to return to the ring this year, and he’s been wrestling consistently ever since, and Bryan is set to team with Kane on Sunday to challenge The Bludgeon Brothers for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

John Cena recently spoke to ESPN about Bryan’s return and he noted that it’s not just good for Bryan, it’s good for WWE in general.

“Speaking from a co-worker’s standpoint, it’s great to have him back because he is very good at what he does. Speaking from a company-standpoint, it is great to have him back because he is very good at what he does and audiences will show up to see him.”

Cena also noted that he watched Bryan’s WrestleMania 34 match closely, and he couldn’t be happier for the SmackDown Live star.

“Speaking from a personal standpoint on what I know about Bryan Danielson, I know that he is dedicated to wrestling and loves wrestling. He was so heartbroken when it was taken away from him before it was his decision to give it up. I can’t tell you how happy I am for him to go out there again and live his dream. He gives wrestling his all, and it’s great that he now has the outlet again where it can give something back to him.”