john cena

On Sunday night John Cena made his surprise return at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, and he interrupted Roman Reigns’ celebration after Roman successfully defended his title against Edge.

This week John Cena kicked off Raw, and he hyped up the fans then told them that they are the reason why he returned to WWE. He returned to cheer with the fans, boo with the fans, and connect with people. The former WWE Champion then went on to say that he also returned for Roman Reigns.

Cena said he’s here for a Universal Championship match with Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, and he then explained why he wants the match. He said that it’s not about main eventing SummerSlam, or a record breaking 17th championship win, it’s because he thinks Roman Reigns is an a**hole. The crowd then chanted “a**hole” as Cena soaked it in.

John Cena said that he thinks Roman Reigns needs to be knocked down a peg, and that he can’t wait to see him at SmackDown on Friday. Riddle then made his way out for a match, and he shared a moment with Cena as they both said “bro” to each other repeatedly before Cena left.