john cena

WWE made a huge announcement on Tuesday when the company confirmed that Daniel Bryan has been cleared, and everyone’s talked about his return to the ring.

John Cena is someone who knows Daniel Bryan well, as they’ve been opponents in the past, and they’re also family by marriage. TMZ recently asked John Cena for his thoughts on Daniel Bryan’s status, and he said that wrestling is what Daniel Bryan was born to do.

“From a fan’s perspective, I think it’s wonderful. From a family perspective, I’ve had the chance to talk with Bryan at great length about his passion for wrestling. It is what he was born to do, and I know deep down how he feels about it. To be told it’s over when it isn’t time for it to be over, for him that was very shocking. But what people don’t know is that young man did absolutely everything possible to challenge the word ‘no.’

Cena went on to say thatBryan getting cleared was a wonderful day for the whole family.

“How ironic he’s known so much for ‘yes’ and he turned ‘no’ into ‘yes.’ He worked his ass off to make that happen. There’s no more deserving a person of a moment in the middle of a WWE ring than Bryan Danielson. I’m extremely happy for him, I’m happy for Brie and their family, because it affects my family. A wonderful day for all of us.”

As of right now neither John Cena nor Daniel Bryan have officially been booked for WrestleMania, but it’s rumored Cena will be facing The Undertaker and Daniel Bryan is rumored to be teaming up with Shane McMahon to face Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.