universal title

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with his latest blog where he talks about Goldberg possibly returning to WWE and more. You can check out the full entry here along with some highlights below.

Who he thinks will be the next Universal Champion: My random guess is that Seth Rollins will emerge victorious in the main event tonight to become the 2nd Universal Champion. One would think that the three non winners in this match will be logical, opponents for Rollins to face and could Seth hold the title until Wrestlemania 33 when perhaps it could be Rollins vs Balor for the Universal Title in Orlando.

Kevin Owens possibly winning the belt: Booking Kevin Owens to be the next Universal Champion doesn’t bother me at all, by the way but I’m not counting on it. Obviously, booking Big Cass to ‘look good’ will be in play as it should be but his time simply hasn’t come yet, IMO. Reigns is still a work in progress in the art of constructing a fan favorite and his issue with Rusev interests me more than Roman Reigns in this title picture Monday night.

Goldberg possibly returning to WWE: Lots of smoke regarding Bill Goldberg returning to WWE for a special, farewell promotion culminating at Wrestlemania in Orlando which @Goldberg is open to discussing. If Bill’s reps don’t price him out of the process, I can easily see WWE bringing the native Oklahoman back as a special attraction centered around a main event level match in Orlando. One question might be could one produce a meaningful “TV angle” and have Goldberg’s first match be at Wrestlemania, which is what I would likely prefer, unless a handful of key matches could be promoted that would increase revenues for all and get Bill sharp for WM33. WWE has all the video that they need to rebuild Goldberg for today’s audience plus they have the ability to record his journey back which could be some compelling content.