Jim Ross recently updated the Q&A section of his website. You can check it out by clicking here and read some highlights below.

On The Women’s Title Possibly Being Brought Back:

“Chances are better now the they seemingly ever have been. It all depends on the storylines and how well the women improve their in ring presentations and their overall game.”

Daniel Bryan’s Health And WWE’s Declining Ratings:

 “One should have nothing to do with the the other whatsoever. When WWE finds something hot that their TV viewers like then the ratings will return to more acceptable levels. Daniel Bryan’s health is more important than any thing else.”

SmackDown And Fans Not Getting What They Want:

“Smackdown airs because the company gets a huge rights fee for it and WWE is about making money as any sound business should be. I have no idea of the creative process in WWE except it seems that they aren’t providing many of the audience what they want to see.”