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If you’re a fan of pro wrestling then you probably have your favorite style of announcing a match. Whether you prefer Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Vince McMahon, or Jerry Lawler is another story. But the general practice of some bigger shows for WWE seems to feature a much larger announce team and Good ‘ole JR certainly notices this trend.

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently had a little to say about the four-man announce booth WWE seems to be gravitating toward for big shows. From the sounds of things, a four-man commentary team isn’t his favorite way to go.

“I did the main event at WrestleMania last year, I did the Mae Young Tournament, I’ve done two or three single matches — one match per show at some of these NXT TakeOvers which I love. I don’t love working with three other people and making a four-man booth” Jim Ross said on The Jim Cornette Experience.

“Here’s why I don’t like it,” the WWE Hall Of Famer continued as he said it had nothing to do with his ego. “Here’s the deal folks, for my style for what I do what brought me to the dance — it don’t fit well with three others.”

Cornette chimed in saying: “It’s hard you know I’ve been with you on some shows and it’s hard with three and four would be impossible. At that point just give everyone in the audience a shot at it.” Corney continued saying it was hard to get a proper flow going with three or four partners on commentary.

“I think the right way of doing that is somebody of the four needs to set out a match to go get a bathroom break — they’ll probably appreciate it actually,” Jim Ross said. “My point is, in my opinion, and I might be wrong. It is a better presentation with no more than three.”

Jim Ross said it can sometimes get awkward if you have two guys with the same skillset like when Mauro Ranallo who is a brilliant play-by-play announcer is paired with another play-by-play guy like Ross. “We got through it, that NXT stuff. Because I see matches there that really took me back to a better and younger time in my life,” Ross concluded.

Jim Ross said egos often come into play when determining an announce team and alternating a guy out might leave people with hurt feelings. Therefore, it might not become commonplace to keep a rotating four-man announce booth. But it would be better than the alternative of four people trying to talk over each other to call a match.

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