jim ross

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is set to release a book in October, and it’s titled “Slobberknocker: My Life In Wrestling.” Ross recently unveiled the cover of the book on Twitter, which also happens to reveal that Vince McMahon wrote the foreword for the book, and Steve Austin wrote the afterword. Check it out below.

Now that The Undertaker is gone, the WWE roster is lacking when it comes to supernatural characters. In his latest blog Jim Ross talked about Bray Wyatt possibly turning face, and whether or not he thinks he could fill the void left by The Undertaker.

“Is Bray Wyatt being subtlety portioned to replace the Undertaker as it relates to a fan favorite who espouses ‘unique powers?’ Those are big shoes to fill but if Wyatt can continue to advance his game and make the persona his own then there is a chance that it will be successful. I like this direction if that’s what it turns out to be.”

Ross also had high praise for The Miz and Maryse, who he predicts will become a top act on Raw in 2017.

“Still thinking that Miz and Maryse will have breakout years in @WWE in 2017. As @MikeTheMiz gets more aggressive offensively and his lovely and talented wife continues to evolve her ‘valet’ skill set this is a combo that will be headlining major events for RAW in 2017, IMO. On RAW, I was thinking that if the handicap bout continued with Jericho and Ambrose vs Miz that Miz could have easily turned fan favorite if it had continued the way it was going. Just my two cents.”



  1. No one will ever come close to replacing The Undertaker. But I do like Bray Wyatt even if WWE seems to lack a direction for his character.