jeff hardy

Jeff Hardy is the current United States Champion, and ever since he returned to WWE last year, fans have been waiting to see him bring back his face paint.

Hardy has rocked the face paint a few times at WWE live events, and this week on SmackDown Live he finally brought his iconic look back to TV.

Last week on SmackDown, Jeff Hardy faced off against Shinsuke Nakamura, but the match ended when Nakamura hit Hardy with the low blow. Nakamura then followed up by hitting Jeff with the Kinshasa.

This week on SmackDown, Hardy cut a backstage promo saying that when Nakamura hit him with the knee to the face something changed. His eyes were closed before, but not they’re open. Hardy then turned around to reveal the face paint and he showed that he had painted eyes on his eyelids.

Hardy made it clear that he’s coming after Nakamura when he said, “Shinsuke, I see you.”

Later in the show Shinsuke was asked about Hardy’s comments, and he said that if Hardy’s eyes are open, he will close them.