jeff hardy

Jeff Hardy has become synonymous with ladder matches over the years. The Undertaker isn’t someone you would expect to see competing in that type of contest, but back in 2002 he put the Undisputed Championship on the line when he faced Jeff Hardy in a ladder match that fans still talk about to this day.

The Charismatic Enigma recently reflected on the match during an interview with talkSPORT and he noted that it did wonders for his career as a singles star.

“It was weird because ladders were like, my thing at the time. My big thing from the other TLC matches and whatnot. So for ‘Taker to do that for me was just huge for me in general, especially for my solo career without Matt, it just did wonders for me,” Hardy explained.

“Just putting together sports with the Undertaker… One of my fondest memories was getting on his Harley [Davidson] out there and pretending I was doing a nac nac on a dirtbike and that p***** him off and he came after me [laughs].

It seems that the fans weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the match as Jeff also added that it received a positive reaction backstage.

“Yeah, everyone was very pleased. I don’t know if we got the standing ovation, I think we might have, but everyone was very pleased with the match and it was very deserving.”