jeff hardy

Jeff Hardy has accomplished a lot throughout the course of his career, and he’s held numerous championships over the last few decades. On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw fans saw Jeff Hardy get booked in the 24/7 Title segment, and the wrestling community did not react well to the segment.

Hardy was trending for some time on Twitter after the segment aired, and there was significant backlash to Jeff Hardy being booked in the 24/7 Title picture.

Recently The Charismatic Enigma spoke with Wrestling Inside The Ropes about his 24/7 Title chase, and he said that he just shows up and does what WWE needs him to do.

“Monday night in Miami, that’s just what I felt like doing, that’s what I had to do. I was in the chase for the 24/7 Title and it just didn’t work out man. I just came out, it didn’t work out. It’s one of those things man, I just show up to work and do what they need me to do and then I move on. That’s in the past and this Monday is the future so I’m super excited.”

At this point it’s not clear what could be next for Hardy but he did also say that right now Roman Reigns is his dream opponent, and he hopes to win the Universal Championship before his in-ring career is over.