jeff hardy

Jeff Hardy has achieved massive success with WWE, and he’s had several runs with the company throughout his career. In 2003 Hardy was released from WWE after he refused to go to rehab, and during an appearance on Broken Skull Sessions he opened up about the issues that led to his release.

“That was the first time I denied rehab. I was like, ‘Nah! I got this.’ But I was in denial about my issue, my problem. I thought I had it down or [had at least] controlled my addiction. And then even in TNA I got a little wacky eventually so I ended up getting fired from there for pretty much missing some shows or something.”

Hardy ended up joining TNA in 2004, but unfortunately his run with the company came to an end when he was released in 2006. Jeff then made the effort to get clean which led to him getting contract offers from both TNA and WWE.

“I got clean – cold turkey – on my own and went to some TNA live events at the time, went to a WWE SmackDown in Norfolk, Virginia, I believe,” Hardy recalled. “Told everybody I was clean. It was obvious because I looked a lot different. And man, I had a TNA contract and a WWE contract at my house. So it was another blessing that I had and a decision I had to make. And so naturally I went back to where it started and had a hell of a run with WWE.”

Things worked out well for Jeff Hardy as he went on to win the WWE Championship once and the World Heavyweight Championship twice after returning to the company. He finished up his contract and parted ways with WWE in 2009 before eventually returning in 2017. Jeff was sent to SmackDown in the recent WWE Draft and has been openly saying in interviews that he hopes to feud with Roman Reigns. Stay tuned for updates.

H/T Wrestling Inc.